Angara Tandoor(Fully A.C.) Baraut
अंगारा तंदूर(पूर्णतया वातानुकूलित) बडौत

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Main Course

Daal MakhaniRs.100/170
Daal BukharaRs.190
Angara Spl. Daal Dhuan-DhuanRs.200
Daal HandiRs.190
Daal TadkaRs.140
Sahi PaneerRs.120/200
Kadhai PaneerRs.140/220
Paneer Butter MasalaRs.220
Paneer Tikka Butter MasalaRs.280
Paneer BhujjiRs.280
Paneer Do PyajaRs.200
Paneer LababdaarRs.220
Paneer PasandaRs.240
Matar PaneerRs.180
Palak PaneerRs.200
Malai Kofta White GravyRs.280
Shahi Kofta Red GravyRs.260
Mix VegRs.160
Jaipuri Mix VegRs.200
Chana PindiRs.200
Chana MasalaRs.200
Dum AalooRs.160
Dum Aaloo KashmiriRs.200
Aaloo JeeraRs.140
Aaloo MatarRs.160
Kadhai ChaapRs.200
Chaap Butter MasalaRs.200
Chaap Kali MirchRs.200
Matar MushroomRs.220
Mushroom MasalaRs.240
Mushroom PaneerRs.280
Angara Spl Kaju CurryRs.340
Angara Spl Tawa ChatpataRs.320
Angara Spl Paneer Jal FreziRs.320


Plain RotiRs.10
Butter RotiRs.12
Missi RotiRs.30
Masala Missi RotiRs.40
Junglee RotiRs.30
Plain/Butter NaanRs.30/35
Chur-Chur NaanRs.40
Stuff NaanRs.60
Paneer NaanRs.80
Garlic NaanRs.60
Laccha ParanthaRs.40
Aaloo Paratha with CurdRs.80
Aaloo Pyaz Paratha with CurdRs.100
Angara Spl NaanRs.100
Amritsari NaanRs.80


Daal Makhani + 1 Butter NaanRs.100
Daal Makhani + Shahi Paneer + Raita + Rice + 1 Butter Naan + PapadRs.180
Daal Makhani + Shahi Paneer + Mix Veg + Raita + Rice + 1 Lachha Paratha + 1 Butter Naan with SweetRs.250


Plain RiceRs.60
Jeera RiceRs.80
Veg PulaoRs.120
Veg BiryaniRs.120
Chaap BiryaniRs.140
Matar PulaoRs.120


Onion Capsicum Cheese PizzaRs.180
Mix Veg Cheese PizzaRs.180
Paneer Cheese PizzaRs.200
Angara Special Chilly Paneer PizzaRs.250

Tandoori Snacks

Masala Paneer TikkaRs.180
Malai Paneer TikkaRs.200
Haryali Paneer TikkaRs.180
Achari Paneer TikkaRs.180
Masala Soya ChapRs.160
Malai Soya ChapRs.180
Haryali Soya ChapRs.160
Achari Soya ChapRs.160
Tandoori AalooRs.180
Tandoori Achari AalooRs.180
Angara Special PlatterRs.250


Tomato SoupRs.40/60
Mix Veg SoupRs.40/60
Hot n Sour SoupRs.50/80
Sweet Corn SoupRs.50/80


Cold DrinkRs.25
Cold CofeeRs.50
Hot CoffeeRs.50
Milk ShakeRs.60
Banana ShakeRs.60
Chocolate ShakeRs.60
Butter MilkRs.50
Mineral WaterRs.25
Sweet LassiRs.60
Salty LassiRs.50


Veg NoodlesRs.80
Hakka NoodlesRs.100
Singapuri NoodlesRs.100
Paneer NoodlesRs.100
Spring RollRs.80
Veg Manchurian DryRs.120
Veg Manchurian GravyRs.120
Fried RiceRs.100
Paneer Fried RiceRs.120
Chilly PotatoRs.100
Honey Chilly PotatoRs.120
Chilly Paneer Dry/GravyRs.180
Chilly Chaap Dry/GravyRs.180
Chilly Mushroom DryRs.180
French FriesRs.60

Sweets and Ice Cream

Sponge RasgullaRs.25
Butter ScotchRs.40

Raita and Salad

Plain RaitaRs.80
Boondi RaitaRs.80
Mix Veg RaitaRs.80
Angara Spl Dahi MasalaRs.100
Pineapple RaitaRs.100
Onion SaladRs.60
Green SaladRs.60
Tandoori SaladRs.80
Fried PapadRs.30
Masala PapadRs.50
Paneer Masala PapadRs.60
Munish SaladRs.80

South Indian

Plain DosaRs.80
Masala DosaRs.100
Paneer Masala DosaRs.120
Onion UttapamRs.80
Tomato UttapamRs.80
Mix Veg UttapamRs.100
Paneer Masala UttapamRs.120
Idli Sambhar (4Pcs)Rs.100

Contact Info:

Address: 132/33 Opposite Bijli Ghar
Delhi-Saharanpur Road
City: Baraut
District: Baghpat
State: Uttar Pradesh
Pin: 250611
Mobile: 7409557557 Call Now

Working Hours:

Sunday: 11:00-23:00
Monday: 11:00-23:00
Tuesday: 11:00-23:00
Wednesday: 11:00-23:00
Thursday: 11:00-23:00
Friday: 11:00-23:00
Saturday: 11:00-23:00

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