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Salient Features:

-GST Invoicing

-Financial Accounting

-Inventory Management

-Day Book

-Ledger Book

-Cash Book

-Trial Balance

-Stock Reports

-Several Bill Formats Available

-Fully Cloud Based System

-Free Updates

-User Friendly Interface

-Touch Screen

-Access Any Time

-Access Any Where

-Access Any Device

-Video Tutorials Available

-Our Team is working to add new Features


One Tool, Many Uses

With your business data organised on the cloud,
you can track sales, purchases, inventory,
debtors, creditors, invoices, and know how your
business is doing at any time. What's more, it's
easy to use and you need not be an accounting
or finance expert to use.

Switch to VeriLite
to run your business uninterrupted

We understand that for you, growing your
business is the most important thing. We have
designed our product in a manner which easily
fits into your business, adapts to your way of
working and takes over all the complications to
do with numbers of your business while you can
focus on business growth.

Best Suitable For:

-Point of Sale

-Small & Medium GST Business

-Small & Medium Retailers

-GST Composition Dealer

-Garment Shop

-Shoe Shop

-Cosmetic Shop

-Confectionery Shop

-Fitness Gym

-Automobile Shop

-Grocery Shop

-Beauty Parlour



-Sweet Shop



-Food Truck

-Computer Shop

-Home Appliances Shop

-Jewellery Shop

-Coaching Center

-Construction Material Shop and so on

Run a Smooth Business with Cloud Based VeriLite GST Billing with Accounting software

VeriLite GST Billing Software is designed specifically with your businesses in mind.

VeriLite Software will help you easily create Reports, view your Finances and manage your GST and Non GST Billing and much more.

Our cloud technology also means constant access to your finances, wherever you go.

Cloud Based VeriLite Software lets you securely manage your Accounts, wherever you may be.

Your data is stored on the cloud. You just need an internet connection to access and interact with your data.

This flexibility is important as running a business means you are regularly on the move.

It is essential to have real-time information about your business data. VeriLite Software uses innovative Cloud technology.

Create Professional GST and Non GST Bill and Share with your Customers in Seconds

Create professional GST bills according to GST law (goods and service tax law) in India using VeriLite. It is the best GST Billing and Accounting Software for all types of Businesses.Keep your Cash Book completely digital using this GST billing App. With this software, your Day Book and Cash Book is always complete and accountable. Easily share your Bills with customers via E-Mail, Whatsapp etc. It is simple to create, print and share a professional bill in a few seconds. Built with Intelligence to automatically generate different types of GST Invoices like Tax Invoice, Bill of Supply.

Professional GST Bill

Manage Inventory Reports

With VeriLite you can see your Stock Status Live and Low Stock Alerts. We provide Under Stock Report, Over Stock Report, Full Stock Report. Inventory reports help you run your business without interruption. They can help you cut costs and reduce the risk of running out of stock. Inventory reporting may just seem like extra time or paperwork, but it can save your money and unnecessary effort. Without knowing about your stock movements, you could be letting inventory management get the better of you. Stock reports like turnover reports and inventory variance reports can help you keep your products fresh and relevant.

Inventory Reports

Select Billing Format As Per Business Need

In basic terms, an invoice is a bill sent to your customers after you supply product or service. The invoice establishes what services you or your company provides, how much is due and when, and how your customer can pay. In VeriLite, Multiple Bill Formats are available. With this software, business owners can print their online bill in different sizes like A4, A5, Slip 2 inch, Slip 3 inch, Slip 4 inch, Slip 5 inch etc. with border or without border.

Billing Format

Create Professional Business Reports

VeriLite provide several Reports like Day Book, Ledger Book, Trial Balance, Under Stock Report, Over Stock Report, Full Stock Report. Business reports document your progress and provide you with a means of comparing periods of time, project details, and your history of growth. In addition to helping you make decisions about your company and its future, reports help you build a paper trail of your past. You can keep the reports on your mobile, laptop, desktop and tablet you don’t have to collect mounds of actual paper. Financial reports are generally prepared on a regular basis by most companies and help to keep them on track toward achieving revenue and profit objectives.

Business Reports

What does Cloud Based VeriLite Software do?


Get an overview of your business
data in real-time


Quick to set up and
easy to use


Gain better insights into
your business


Access AnyWhere at AnyTime
with AnyDevice

Is Cloud Billing with
Accounting Software safe ?

We understand that you may have concerns about
storing sensitive business information in the cloud, but
you can rest assured knowing that it is safe.

You work hard at building your business and we work
hard at keeping your data safe.
Cloud Based VeriLite GST Billing Software
is one of the most secure places to store your business data.

How Cloud Billing with
Accounting Software can
help your Business ?

With Cloud Billing with Accounting Software,
get accurate real-time insight into your company’s
data, collaborate with your team regardless of your
location and reduce business expenses.

Our Cloud technology ensures your data is
automatically backed up, so you can remain
worry-free about losing important information.
Cloud Accounting makes it easy to control your
data on the move.

The Advantages of Cloud Billing and Accounting Software




Save User's Time


Tailored Packages

Touch Screen

Run Your Business Smartly with Better Experience!

Fast, Simple & Delightful.
Access Any Time, Any Where with Any Device
Salient Features:
  • GST Billing
  • Non GST Billing
  • Consolidated Billing
  • Barcode Billing
  • POS Billing Screen
  • Eway Bill JSON Download
  • Financial Accounting
  • Free Updates
  • Fully Cloud Based System
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Access Any Time
  • Access Any Where
  • Access Any Device
  • Video Tutorials Available
  • Day Book
  • Ledger Book
  • Cash Book
  • Trial Balance
  • Stock Reports
  • GST Reports
  • Bill Format Available: A4, A5, Slip 4 inch, Slip 3 inch, Slip 2 inch
  • Our Team is working to add new Features

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