Mother Dairy Happy Treats Shamli
मदर डेरी हैप्पी ट्रीट्स शामली

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Dark Chocolate Waffle With Flavor

Black CurrantRs.90
Fruit and NutRs.90
American NutsRs.99
Kaju KishmishRs.99
Tutti FruttiRs.99
Cookie CrumbRs.99
Choco AlmondRs.99
Kesar PistaRs.99


Strawberry170 ml45
Vanilla170 ml45
Black Currant170 ml45
Chocolate170 ml45
Coffee170 ml45
Fruit and Nut170 ml45
Mango170 ml45
Pineapple170 ml45
American Nuts170 ml60
Butterscotch170 ml60
Chocochips170 ml60
Kaju Kishmish170 ml60
Tutti Fruity170 ml60
Cookie Crumb170 ml80
Choco Almond170 ml80
Kesar Pista170 ml80

Milk Shakes

Butterscotch ShakeRs.99
Chocochips ShakeRs.99
Kaju Kishmish ShakeRs.99
Tutti Fruity Shake Rs.99
Oreo Milk ShakeRs.99
Choco Almond ShakeRs.99
Kesar Pista ShakeRs.99
Gulkand ShakeRs.99


Strawberry100 mlRs.25
190 mlRs.45
Vanilla100 mlRs.25
190 mlRs.45
Black Currant100 mlRs.30
190 mlRs.50
Chocolate100 mlRs.30
190 mlRs.50
Coffee100 mlRs.30
190 mlRs.50
Mango100 mlRs.30
190 mlRs.50
Pineapple100 mlRs.30
190 mlRs.50
American Nuts100 mlRs.40
190 mlRs.65
Butterscotch100 mlRs.40
190 mlRs.65
Chocochips100 mlRs.40
190 mlRs.65
Kaju Kishmish100 mlRs.40
190 mlRs.65
Tutti Fruti100 mlRs.40
190 mlRs.65
Tutti Fruti100 mlRs.40
190 mlRs.65
Cookie Crumb100 mlRs.50
190 mlRs.90
Choco Almond100 mlRs.50
190 mlRs.90
Kesar pista100 mlRs.50
190 mlRs.90


Vanilla With Chocolate Sauce240 ml70
Strawberry Punch240 ml70
Black Currant Sundae240 ml70
Pineapple Punch240 ml70
Special Fruit Sundae240 ml70
Triple Sundae-Fruit240 ml70
Butterscotch Sundae240 ml90
American Nuts Sundae240 ml90
Tutti Frutti Sundae240 ml90
Fruit and Nut Sundae240 ml90
Kaju Kishmish Sundae240 ml90
Triple Sundae-Nuts240 ml90
Triple Sundae-Chocolate240 ml90
Cookie Crumb / Choco Almond240 ml120
kesar Pista Sundae240 ml120

Contact Info:

Address: Chandra House,
Opposite Dr. Mukesh Garg,
Kairana Road
City: Shamli
District: Shamli
State: Uttar Pradesh
Pin: 247776
Contact: Ankush Bansal
Mobile: 9319396000 Call Now

Working Hours:

Sunday: 10:30-22:30
Monday: 10:30-22:30
Tuesday: 10:30-22:30
Wednesday: 10:30-22:30
Thursday: 10:30-22:30
Friday: 10:30-22:30
Saturday: 10:30-22:30

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