Domi's Cafe And Restaurant Baraut
डोमिज कैफ़े एंड रेस्टोरेंट बडौत

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Spring Roll100
Manchurian Dry/Gravy130/140
Chilly Potato/Honey120/140
Chilly Mashroom Dry180
Chilly Soya Dry160
Chilly Paneer Dry/Gravy180/190
French Fries100
Veg Cutlet120
Paneer Cutlet150
Hari Bhari Tikiya120
Veg Burger60
Paneer Burger70
Cheese Burger80
Chinese Pakora120
Peanut Fry Masala80
Peanut Paneer Masala120
Plain Garlic Bread150
Stuff Garlic Bread180
Sandwitch Garlic Bread120
Veg Garlic Bread160


Veg Noodles100
Singapuri Noodles120
Hakka Noodles130
Paneer Noodles140
Rice Noodles100
Singapuri Rice100
Veg Fried Noodles90
Garlic Noodles120
Ginger Garlic Noodles120
Veg Chopsy120


Tomato Soup60
Sweet Corn80
Lung-Fung Soup80
Hot N Sour Soup80
Manchow Soup80


Veg Tomato180260
Veg Onion180260
Veg Capsicum180260
Veg Golden Corn180260
Paneer Special(Paneer & Onoion)200280
Double Cheesy250320
Margherita Cheesy Classic200280
Cheese & Golden Corn200280
Cheese & Mashroom200280
Cheese Tomato, Capsicum & Onion230300
Loaded Pizza(Tomato, Onion, Golden Corn, Black Olives, Baby Corn, Paneer, Capsicum)250350

Breads & Pappad

Tandoori Roti10
Butter Tandoori Roti15
Missi Roti25
Missi Masala Roti30
Plain Naan30
Butter Naan40
Stuff Naan60
Paneer Naan80
Kashmiri Naan90
Laccha Paratha50
Ajwain/Pudina Paratha40
Pappad Dry20
Plappad Fry30
Pappad Masala50
Pappad Paneer Masala60

Ice Cream

Vanilla Ice Cream40
Strawberry Ice Cream50
Butter Scotch Ice Cream60
Chocolate Ice Cream80

Standard Thali

Dal Makhani, Shahi Paneer, Mix Raita, Rice, 2 Tandoori Roti, Salad180

Domi's Special Thali

Dal Makhani, Shahi Paneer, Mix Veg, Boond Raita, Plain Rice, i Naan, 1 Lachha Paratha, 2 Tandoori Butter Roti, Salad, 1 Papad300

Hot & Cold Beverages

Masala Tea30
Lemon Tea15
Black Tea15
Hot Coffee40
Cold Coffee60
Cold Coffee with Ice Cream80
Lassi Mithi60
Mineral Water25
Cold Drinks(750ML)60
Hot Milk30
Milk Shakes50
Vanila Shake60
Butter Scotch Shake80
Strawberry Shake60
Chocolate Shake100


Mix Veg Pakora (2 Pc)100
Paneer Pakora(8 Pc)120
Bread Pakora(2 Pc)60
Veg Sandwitch(4 Pc)50
Aloo Paratha60
Pyaz Paratha60
Muli Paratha60
Gobhi Paratha80
Mix Stuff Paratha80
Paneer Paratha100
Poori Bhaji80

Tandoori Snacks

Domi's Special Paneer Tikka240
Paneer Tikka200
Paneer Malai Tikka220
Paneer Achari Tikka200
Paneer Haryali Tikka200
Paneer Sheekh Kabab140
Paneer Malai Corn Kabab160
Tandoori Stuff Aloo120
Haryali Sheekh Kabab160
Dahi Corn Kabab170
Dahi Kabab150
Tandoori Paneer300
Soya Masala Chaap100/150
Soya Afghani Chaap100/160
Soya Malai Chaap100/180
Soya Achari Chaap100/170

Salad & Raita

Green Salad60
Onion Salad40
Russian Salad80
Plain Curd60
Boondi Raita80
Poodina Raita80
Aloo Raita80
Pineapple Raita100
Mix Veg Raita80


Plain Rice80
Jeera Rice90
Muttar Paneer100
Veg Pulav100
Veg Fried Rice150
Veg Biryani150

Indian Main Course

Shahi Paneer120/200
Makhani Paneer (butter Masala)240
Kadhai Paneer140/220
Lababdar Paneer140/220
Paneer De Pyaza120/200
Paneer Mashroom Dolma260
Paneer Pasanda280
Handi Paneer220
Paneer Bhuji280
Matar Paneer200
Palak Paneer180
Domi's Special Paneer280
Kaju Curry360
Soya Butter Masala190
Soya Kadhai Masala200
Soya Tikka Lababdar190
Navrata Korma240
Malai Kofta260
Veg Kofta220
Veg Kolapuri190
Veg Anguri Kofta200
Veg Nagis Kofta220
Mashroom Kadhai200
Mashroom Matar Masala220
Mashroom Do Pyaza230
Mashroom Kastoori Masala240
Mashroom Paneer Masala280
Mix Veg200
Veg Jelfrezi220
Paneer Jelfrezi300
Zeera Aloo160
Dum Aloo Banarsi190
Dum Aloo Kashmiri180
Dal Tadka80/140
Dal Makhani100/180
Dal Fry70/120
Haryali Kofta240
Paneer Dhaniya Adraki250
Singapuri Paneer Masala190
Chaap Butter Masala190
Kadhai Chaap210
Paneer Tikka Butter Masala270

Contact Info:

Address: Near Chaprauli Chungi
Delhi-Saharanpur Road
City: Baraut
District: Baghpat
State: Uttar Pradesh
Pin: 250611
Contact: Rajeev & Mohit
Mobile: 9410073445 Call Now
9012744000 Call Now

Working Hours:

Sunday: 11:00-23:00
Monday: 11:00-23:00
Tuesday: 11:00-23:00
Wednesday: 11:00-23:00
Thursday: 11:00-23:00
Friday: 11:00-23:00
Saturday: 11:00-23:00

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